We accept bookings by email but we do not accept payment through the internet - nor do we accept credit cards. But we will honour email bookings so if we have accepted to provide you with a tour then booking is sufficient.

Look at the tours we offer, and decided which tour you would like to do. For further information on the tours you can contact us. Once you have decided on a tour we will send you an estimate for the cost of the tour. Once you arrive we will confirm tour arrangements and we will ask you to pay in advance - please remember we do not accept credit cards. (There are ATM machines and banks available near Junglecross.)

Many people just turn up at Junglecross, and we try to be helpful by providing the wilderness tours that they are looking for. In peak season Junglecross is busy. People have turned up at Junglecross, our guides have been busy and all our bikes have been rented. Sadly these people had to go away disappointed. So to be sure it is better to make an email booking. It is up to you!!!!

Click here for further info on how to get to Junglecross.

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